Things are getting uglier for Donald Trump by the hour

This holiday season we need to look deep inside ourselves and find gratitude for our current situation. To start, we need to be grateful for Mark Meadows, the 25th Republican to announce his early retirement. This has brought intense scrutiny to his relationship with songbird and Rudy “Colludy” henchman, Lev Parnas. We predict Kevin McCarthy, another Lev Parnas donatee, will be right behind him. Can anyone say oligarch money?

We also want to thank Trump and his wife Melania for giving such a cold and unpleasant Merry Christmas video from the White House that even the blindest Christian will cringe. And speaking of evangelical Christians, we’re thankful for those who’ve finally spoken out about their false messiah, Donald J. Trump. No longer will we have to tolerate the Christian right’s smug single-issue votes without question.

Lastly, we want to be grateful for “Moscow” Mitch McConnell. His evil villain façade has come down and he is proving to be just another clown in the Trump krazy klown kar from hell. Going on Fox News and claiming he would not be impartial, announcing he would be working hand-in-glove with the White House, has given Nancy Pelosi the best excuse ever to slow-walk those Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate. We didn’t know McConnell was this stupid, but alas, when one is owned, one must dance to the overlord’s commands. This entire debacle has also brought on more scrutiny of not only Trump’s motivations, but now McConnell’s. Happy New Year, indeed!

Lastly, the latest polling says that 55% of Americans want to see Trump impeached and removed. Our country’s Constitution and fundamental decency are winning. And for that we are most grateful of all.

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