Things somehow just got even worse for Donald Trump

Donald Trump has had a pretty terrible week – but probably not for the same reason you and I see it. Yes, it would be horrible to be one of the most despised presidents in recent memory and accomplish nothing of value while occupying the Oval Office, and then having to lead people through a crisis that proves catastrophic on all fronts, endangering the lives of American citizens while also crashing the economy.

Of course, the way Trump sees it is that he’s no longer getting his way – no more lining his pockets while he gets to sleep in and play golf all day – especially since he may have actually contracted a deadly disease that he probably wouldn’t have gotten if he’d never run for president.

With the public opinion of him likely to plummet in the next few weeks as the coronavirus pandemic only gets worse, Donald Trump just received some worse news. In fact, it’s hard to say what’s worse for him: that a federal judge blocked his administration’s new SNAP rule – one that would make some 700,000 Americans go hungry in the wake of a pandemic that could take a toll on the U.S. economy – or that he was caught trying to pull this off in the wake of a pandemic that he’s assumed zero responsibility for.

It gets even worse yet. When House Democrats were negotiating a relief bill and asked him to waive the rule, his Secretary of Agriculture refused. As the pandemic worsens, we can expect other people to fully realize how draconian and incompetent the Trump administration has been all along, and that Donald Trump in fact bears a great deal of responsibility for what’s about to happen.

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