This could all be over with tomorrow

Because Donald Trump has negligently and psychotically allowed the coronavirus outbreak to get this far, we’ll be stuck with this pandemic for awhile. But we could be rid of Donald Trump by tomorrow, which would at least give Americans a fighting chance against the virus. And while that won’t happen, let’s not forget who’s negligently refusing to remove him.

There are two groups of people who could oust Donald Trump immediately. The first is Mike Pence and the majority of the cabinet, who could invoke the 25th Amendment at any time. The second group is the Republican Senate, which could ask the House to impeach Trump again, and then immediately vote to convict and remove him.

Both these groups are sitting on their hands – and in some instances conspiring with Donald Trump – instead of putting an end to Trump’s ongoing murder spree. This means they’re every bit as guilty of conspiracy to commit mass murder as Trump is. When this is over, they should be on criminal trial along with Trump. They’re unwilling to stop a murder spree, simply because they believe they might benefit from it politically. If that’s not a crime, nothing is. Lock them up.

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