This could be the scandal that finally breaks Donald Trump

As you might have noticed, American top brass haven’t exactly been keen on Trump. The latest military scandal, however, might just be enough to turn servicepeople off of Trump altogether. The New York Times reported this past week that Russia offered bounties to Afghani militants to kill US soldiers. Now, reports show that Trump was briefed with this information in March. Trump responded with vile silence.

Sitting here writing this, I am at a loss for words. It is staggering that a US President could sit idly after learning that a foreign adversary was actively promoting the murder-for-hire of its own citizens; and yet, that’s exactly what Trump did. As The Guardian article linked above notes, Trump was actively trying to secure Russia a spot in the G7 again. As far as I’m concerned, this is a truly egregious dereliction of duty and it’s easily impeachment worthy. If this isn’t a high crime or misdemeanor, I don’t know what is.

Trump’s regard for the safety of our troops is nominal at best, and he seems to see them as nothing more than currency for the war he seems so eager to start. Mercifully, however, war is the cookie jar his cabinet won’t let him touch — yet. That said, don’t think our servicepeople and their families aren’t taking note of this fiasco.

Back in late 2019, a Military Times poll showed that a whopping 50% of active-duty service members we are unhappy with Trump. Now, amid catastrophically poor pandemic management and a new Civil Rights Movement, it seems very unlikely that our diverse armed forces support Trump more than they did in late 2019. This Russian murder-for-hire scandal is sure to further weaken military support of Trump. Trump’s continued fealty to Russia after learning about their murder scheme broadcasts a clear message: he thinks our troops are disposable. He’s shown for three months since learning of the scheme that they don’t matter to him.

To any current, former, and future servicemembers reading this: know that only one candidate in November’s election has your best interests at heart.

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