This fiasco just keeps getting worse

Imagine for a moment that you are “president” Donald Trump. You are one of the most inept presidents in U.S. history. You try to commit crimes for your own purposes, but you’re too stupid to pull them off, so you get impeached. To distract from that, you fire a missile at the second in command in Iran, and all international hell breaks loose. At this point, shouldn’t you try to smooth this over before it becomes international war? Wouldn’t you explain the reasoning, including that Soleimani was accused of his own murderous crimes? Not if you’re “president” Donald Trump.

Trump doesn’t understand why Iranians are so angry, so he hits them with even more threats. That’s the way to cool things down. Not. Then, you threaten their cultural heritage. Sure, that should bring everyone to the peace table. Showing just how clueless he is, once again, Donald Trump doesn’t realize that what he proposes is a war crime. Of course, for Trump, that would just be one more crime in his criminal repertoire. Clueless doesn’t even begin to describe Donald Trump.

CNN shared that Nicholas Burns, former undersecretary of state for political affairs and ambassador to NATO, mentioned that in 2017 the Trump administration supported the UN resolution against destroying cultural sites. Today, however, things are different, as Trump has openly declared that he would do just that. Burns calls Trump’s threat “immoral and un-American.” Well, Trump is certainly immoral and many believe him un-American given the way he bows to Vladimir Putin. Trump is merely doing what he does best, being a bully. He lied about bone spurs to avoid combat, but he certainly doesn’t mind sending our sons and daughters to the front line. Hossein Dehghan, military advisor to Ayatollah Khamenei, told CNN that Trump’s tweets are “ridiculous and absurd.” Who conducts foreign policy via Twitter? Trump is a complete disaster, and he continues to alienate our true allies.

Our European allies have distanced themselves from Trump’s missile launch according to CNN. This poorly planned action has the Trump administration flopping around like a fish out of water. When CNN asked Mike Pompeo the reason behind the attack, Pompeo said “it was not relevant for him to reveal” Trump’s belief that Soleimani was planning something. Really? Trump, who is barely literate, somehow infiltrated a secret mission that Soleimani was planning? That is almost impossible to believe, but what is more unbelievable is his lackeys jumping off the cliff behind him, simply on his word.

This entire fiasco merely emphasizes once again that we have a madman whose finger is too close to the button. When you consider that Trump consults no one, and everyone else just falls in line, who is going to stop him from doing something far worse than he has already done? CNN points out that, once again, Trump’s “leadership” is nonexistent, and they believe he likely didn’t even consider the consequences of his actions. Bullies rarely do. It’s only when the weak kid fights back and gets the best of him that a bully takes notice. It is unknown what it’s going to take for the supreme bully in the White House, but just thinking about it is frightening.

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