This guy is an idiot

Donald Trump just went on live national television and announced that he’s abusing a deadly drug, but tried to reassure everyone by asserting that “So far I seem to be okay.” Then, after no one believed he was even taking the drug, he forced his military physician to produce a letter, which seems carefully worded to give the impression Trump is taking the drug without actually saying it, because he’s probably not even talking. But don’t worry if he is taking it, because, in his words, he seems to be okay.

We’ve reached the point where a majority of Americans are probably hoping the President of the United States really is taking the drug in question, and that it does finish him off. Things are now that dire, that ugly, that cynical, that desperate. The President is a complete idiot, and right now that may be the best thing our nation has going for it.

There are no words to accurately describe how far America has fallen thanks to this idiot. There is only further confirmation with every new day that he is indeed an idiot. All we can do it vote him out and put a good man like Joe Biden in his place. In the meantime, at the rate Donald Trump is going, by tomorrow he might announce that he’s begun taking heroin to treat his nasal allergies and that so far he “seems to be okay.”

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