This idiot just doesn’t do his homework

The “Obamagate” tinfoil hat conspiracy theory was always going to be a dud for Donald Trump, because no one outside of his existing voters was ever going to understand it or care. But failure wasn’t good enough for Trump, so he made sure that it was a catastrophic failure by inexplicably declassifying a Susan Rice email that proved the whole thing never happen.

By the time Tuesday night was over, Donald Trump was left grasping at the shards of his shattered reelection strategy. He ended up latching onto a talking head from the Fox Business channel, which is the network you land on when you’re not even credible enough to be on Fox News.

Donald Trump tweeted this: “Consistently great reporting by Elizabeth MacDonald of Fox Business. She really understands OBAMAGATE!” That’s all well and good, but as always, this idiot Trump doesn’t do his homework. MacDonald has actually been a frequent critic of Trump, calling his antics “unforgivable” while slamming him for yelling things like “fake news.” Trump could have spent ten seconds googling MacDonald and seen that he wouldn’t be helping his cause by promoting her.

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