This is a complete disaster

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has voted to allow Trump’s Tulsa rally to go forward. There is a Constitutional right to gather and if the venue wants to take the COVID-19 risk for profit (which will probably never arrive given Trump’s penchant to stiff his vendors), then, so be it. If no one can remove these people’s guns except from their cold, dead hands, then no one can stop their professing of their love of Trump til their last breath.

This is the state of our country right now. We have a cult that is willing to commit mass murder in order to worship their tin idol. On the other hand, we have the rest of us wearing masks. The truly tragic part is the fact that we don’t know how this virus will affect even the young who get it, as it will definitely mutate, as all viruses do. The risk is not worth it. But therein, lies the rub. It’s called freedom.

So, let them have their rally and their hold-harmless clauses. Let them sing their Dear Leaders praises since this is the stuff of life for Trump and these morons somehow know it. The cost is sure to be high. But that is the cost of being in a cult.

Trump is espousing Holocaust imagery. Bolton is revealing how Trump doesn’t care at all that China is running concentration camps; in fact, he even approved of China using them. Everything is moving along in Dictator 101 fashion and all coming true, the horrible warnings we’ve sounded for four years.

But we still have our freedom to vote in November. We have the freedom to wear our masks and protect our children’s health until there’s a vaccine. We also have the freedom to call these people covidiots. We don’t have the freedom not to care for Trumplicans because it’s never morally right to take away another’s humanity. But we do have to set society right again and get them back in touch with the angels of their better nature. The cure for all this is to speak out against inhumanity. And vote like you and your children’s lives depend on it.

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