This is a joke

The Republican Party now says it’ll hold a scaled-down convention in Jacksonville, with only a fraction of delegates in attendance. Usual convention business like writing a new party platform will be scrapped, and the party is simply re-using its 2016 platform. It’s clear that this charade of a “convention” is only being put together so Donald Trump can give an in-person speech and receive loud cheers. But it’s worse than that.

We’re still not sure the Republican Party will be able to hold an in-person convention at all. By the time this convention is set to take place in late August, and with the coronavirus now getting worse by the day in states like Florida, the whole thing may yet get canceled. In the meantime, we’re getting a glimpse of just how throughly Donald Trump’s takeover of the RNC has turned the party into a non-functional joke.

As various observers have pointed out, re-using the 2016 Republican Party platform is rife with embarrassing pitfalls. For starters, the 2016 platform was crafted as a result of a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian spies who showed up to the convention; the platform language about Ukraine was literally written by the Kremlin. Also, the 2016 platform condemns the “current president” – who at the time was Barack Obama, but is now Donald Trump.

At this point the Republican National Committee isn’t even functioning on a most basic level. Donald Trump and his goons have completely taken it over, and they’re doing things like not even bothering to look over the 2016 platform before photocopying it for use in 2020. All they care about is setting things up so Trump can give a narcissistic speech to a bunch of idiots who will be sitting in the audience passing the coronavirus amongst each other. This is a joke.

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