This is about to get REALLY ugly

Yesterday we all learned that Donald Trump’s personal White House valet has come down with the coronavirus. This valet reportedly stands near Trump all day and even prepares his food. We’re all now waiting to see if Trump gets sick as well. But there’s an uglier component to this.

Because Trump hasn’t allowed basic safety protocols like wearing masks and social distancing to take place at the White House, it seems a given that this one confirmed case is likely to spread like wildfire within the White House. There’s a tendency to think that well, if they’re conspiring with Trump, then they deserve whatever happens to him. But let’s keep in mind that most of the people in the White House aren’t there in a political capacity.

For instance, this valet who tested positive is a member of the Navy. That person signed up to serve his or her country, and is now fighting off a deadly virus. There are other people who work in the White House whose job is to cook food or empty trash cans. This virus could spread to them, or to Secret Service members, or to any number of good people who aren’t a part of the Trump regime in any way.

So as this one confirmed White House coronavirus case ostensibly turns into a really ugly White House coronavirus outbreak over the next week or two, let’s keep in mind that not everyone in the building will have “had it coming,” so to speak. As keeps happening in disturbing and tragic fashion, Donald Trump’s criminal negligence keeps putting innocent people in harm’s way.

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