This is completely out of control

“President” Donald Trump continues to do what he does best: lie. This time, his lies are deadly. Even as one of the top infectious disease experts warns of the dangers of coronavirus, including the fact that thousands in the U.S. can die unless everyone joins the effort, Trump continues to insist that “the virus is under tremendous control.”

To help us understand the impact of this pandemic in the U.S., CNN reveals that infections went up to at least 3,485 (with 65 deaths), which is an average of 500 cases per day. The virus has not reached its peak and is rapidly accelerating. Instead of spending his time looking at these alarming numbers and considering solutions, Trump tweeted about pardoning Michael Flynn.

Even as Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke on “State of the Union,” Trump was contradicting his findings. Dr. Fauci warned that if we fail to embrace social distance and self-isolation, the U.S. can find itself in the same shape as Italy, where, according to Aljazeera, 368 died in 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 1,809 and almost 25,000 positive cases. Trump continues to ignore the obvious and continues to fan the flames of racism by pointing his finger at China. He also continues to address the nation like a 6-year-old: “It’s a very contagious virus, it’s incredible, but it’s something we have tremendous control of.”

Meanwhile, the man he most fears — Joe Biden — addressed us in presidential fashion during the debate: “This is like a war, and in a war you do whatever is needed to be done to take care of your people.” Adding salt to Trump’s ignorant wound, President Obama tweeted about the virus, and according to Bipartisan Report, Twitter lit up like Broadway. Everyone in the world sees what an incompetent, useless piece of crap Donald Trump is except for Trump. He’s more concerned about the stock market and the economy, pushing the Federal Reserve Board to cut interest rates to zero. This is a very dangerous precedent. Where will we turn as this virus continues to rage? This is extremely poor planning by a poor excuse for a president. Politico then reported that Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus is starting to hit him where it really hurts: some of his followers are moving away from him.

While some Trump supporters, continue to call this deadly virus “a media-lefty mass hysteria,” Jason Miller, Trump’s own campaign adviser, has been complaining about Trump’s handling of this global crisis. As Politico reported, if Trumps fails to limit the spread of coronavirus and show some leadership, he will lose the election and “cripple” his movement. Good. It’s about time they woke up.

Trump has done absolutely nothing positive, yet they continue to bow to him as if he created the world. Instead, he is showing them that he is merely the emperor with no clothes. He has talked a big game since day one, and now, when the country needs true leadership, he’s showing his incompetence. We need to follow the advice of the CDC and other medical experts like Dr. Fauci, and we can then look forward to having a real leader in the White House.

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