This is Donald Trump’s dumbest idea yet

When the week began, Donald Trump was busy trying to distract voters from his pandemic failure by selling them on the notion that rogue forces within the FBI and DOJ conspired to frame his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Now here at the end of the week, Trump has taken this dumb plan and expanded it into the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen.

It’s still unclear why Trump thought that promoting a conspiracy about the FBI and DOJ would gain him a single additional vote; his own base can’t vote for him twice, and no one outside of his base was ever going to believe that (or care if) Flynn was somehow innocent of crimes that he’s already confessed to in detail. But if that was a tough sell, then then Trump has really really taken on something quixotic now.

Donald Trump has decided to not only push the notion that Michael Flynn was framed, but that the frame-up was part of an impossibly large conspiracy headed by none other than President Barack Obama. Just how married is Trump to this narrative? He posted more than a hundred tweets and retweets on Sunday alone, all aimed at pushing the notion of a vast Obama conspiracy theory, complete with hashtags.

Good luck with that. Donald Trump has historically low approval rating numbers, and now he’s decided that his best shot of improving those numbers is to frame this election as a battle between him and one of the most popular Presidents the United States has ever had. This isn’t just dumb, it’s senility-level dumb. Trump is telling Americans that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Obama – which means it’s Christmas Day for Joe Biden.

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