This is far more sinister than we thought

Trying to keep up with “president” Donald Trump’s wrongdoings since taking office is exhausting. At this point in his presidency, he seems to be doing as many things as possible to ensure that he is not reelected. News flash, Trump: You have done enough. Apparently, what he has done is not enough for him. Never have we had such evil in the highest office of the land, and it will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark for years to come.

Trump repeatedly talks about how he stands for veterans and the military. Many of us have always thought that to be a crock, and he has now proven us right. Trump was aware of Putin’s bounty on our troops and did nothing to stop it.

Putin’s murderous plan was first reported by the New York Times. Russian military spies put a bounty on our soldiers, along with UK solders, in what is called “Kremlin hostility toward the U.S.” Do not think for a second that Putin was not aware of these bounties. He runs everything in Russia. Yet, Trump continues to praise Putin and even invited him to the U.S. This is not “fake news.” According to the Washington Post, U.S. intelligence advised Trump’s administration of the bounties “in recent months,” which included an interagency meeting in March. Sanctions against Russia were discussed, yet Trump did absolutely nothing. He is truly despicable.

After the news broke, Vice President Joe Biden was outraged. Like the rest of us, Biden finds it hard to believe that neither Trump nor Pence were aware of these developments, even as Trump’s people deny that they were. Senator Tammy Duckworth, a war hero in her own right, was reportedly furious that Trump tried to allow Russia back into G-7 at a time when American intelligence believed Russia was seeking to kill American troops. Is Trump really this daft? No, this is far more sinister.

Even as this news began to surface, Trump retweeted a video of an idiot at a protest in Florida screaming “white power” and wearing his “veterans for Trump” t-shirt. These people are insane. Veterans for Trump, while Trump allowed U.S. troops to be murdered, is an oxymoron. Trump does not support our troops, nor does he support Americans in general. Trump is in office for Trump. He has made millions of dollars off the backs of the American people, and now that he sees it is almost over for him, he is literally throwing us to the wolves.

Anyone who continues to support Donald Trump is a fool. He does not stand up for veterans; he does not stand up for the people who foolishly support him; and he certainly does not stand up for our troops. Donald Trump stands up only for himself. He praises a man yelling out an obviously racist phrase, “white power,” showing his true self. Trump either does not want to be reelected or he is trying to do as much damage as possible before he is gone. Either way, at the risk of redundancy, Donald Trump must go.

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