This is going to get ugly for Donald Trump

If you are “president” Donald Trump, you are likely ripping out what little hair you have left. As the walls continue to tumble down around him, Trump is clearly losing it even more than normal. Take a look at his late-night rants about the Lincoln Project’s latest release, “Mourning in America.” As soon as Trump began crossing the tarmac, a reporter yelled out, asking if he had seen the new video from the Lincoln Project. Trump immediately went off, calling them the “Losers Project” and ranting like a madman. He then began to denigrate the members, but his most virulent anger was directed toward George Conway, whom he called “moonface,” which he thought a clever way of calling Conway fat. What nerve. Trump is as unhealthily overweight as they come. Trump is surrounded by bad news and can’t handle it.

Trump’s conspiracy theory that coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan, China has been debunked by the intelligence community, according to NBC News. Trump lied (again) and told the public that he had “seen information” that gave him “high confidence” that the virus resulted from an accidental release at a lab. No such luck, Trump. Intelligence officials have openly contradicted him, saying “we have made no such assessment.” While intelligence officials still cannot definitively say whether the virus is the result of an animal to human transfer, it has concluded that the virus was not made in a lab.

NBC News further revealed that the intelligence community first became aware of the virus in November, wrote reports in December, and passed the information along to the White House in early January. The information was also given to Trump cabinet officials and top advisers. The only conspiracy surrounding coronavirus is Trump’s White House conspiring to hide the news. Then, once it was out, Trump’s cronies sought to capitalize on it financially, as disclosed in the whistleblower complaint filed by former HHS official Dr. Rick Bright.

Bright, per NBC, alleges that he was forced out of his coronavirus response job for resisting efforts to “fund potentially dangerous drugs promoted by those with political connections.” His complaint alleges “abuse of authority or gross mismanagement.” Both charges sound right up Trump’s alley. One can only wonder if one of those drugs is the anti-malaria drug that Trump pushed mercilessly at the beginning of the virus, hydroxychloroquine. Bright’s complaint revealed the utter chaos that ensued around the virus, including HHS leadership’s determination to ignore scientific and expert recommendations in favor of awarding lucrative contracts “based on political connections and cronyism.” This sounds exactly like something in which Trump would be deeply involved. His entire “presidency” has been based on cronyism. Why would this be any different?

It is simply amazing how our so-called leaders want to take advantage of a deadly virus to make money, take power, and make the world work the way they want. If they succeed, what a truly evil world it will be, but I have faith. Their downfall is coming, and Trump will be at the bottom of the heap where he belongs.

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