This is not a drill

We are at war — a country at war, a people at war. It is a war we must win at all costs. As “president” Trump continues to spiral out of control, doing damage to our country in the process, we must focus on the war ahead: Getting him out of the White House. Trump has promised “civil war” if he is not reelected, and we see the beginnings of that already from the black jogger murdered in Georgia to the black family terrorized in North Carolina. The ignorance of these people tells them they are better than us. They will never be prepared for retaliation, as black folks are not in a mood to continue to ignore them. This activity aside, we must focus on the future — a future without Trump and a future that can restore the dignity and civility that most members of our society have long fought to have.

Sometimes, war forces us to choose strange bed partners if we are to win. Normally, a “winning at all costs” attitude is not a good thing, but in the case of Joe Biden winning the White House in 2020, it is everything. While many progressives remain reluctant to get on board with Biden, several Republicans are not in the least shy about where they stand. The members and advisors of the Lincoln Project have been clear where their loyalties lie in this race, and the Daily Beast has reported that there are others.

There are two different factions of “Republicans for Biden” at work, one official and one unofficial. As Daily Beast describes it, the official faction will be involved directly with Biden’s campaign. The unofficial group is limited by campaign finance laws in directly coordinating with Biden’s campaign, but they will be useful partners. The unofficial group is believed to be comprised of former senator Jeff Flake, political analyst Charlie Sykes, media giant Bill Kristol, former RNC chairman Michael Steele, Lincoln Project member Steve Schmidt, Representative David Jolly (R-FL), and columnist Mona Charen. One big name that has not yet been confirmed is former Republican Governor John Kasich. Jennifer Horn of the Lincoln Project told the Beast, “I know it’s happening and it’s coming together.” One of the most interesting statements comes from Rick Tyler, former communications director for Ted Cruz: “The alligator that’s going to kill us is the closest one, and that’s Trump. . . . Am I willing to have Biden as president, so Trump won’t be president? You’re damn right I am.”

As one of my earlier pieces for Palmer Report said, this vote will be a referendum against Trump. I am okay with “all hands-on deck” to rid our county of the worst, most corrupt, most evil president it has endured in modern history. The Biden campaign has said that for Biden to prevail in 2020 it will take people from across the political spectrum who can build a coalition that will defeat Trump. While I do not normally condone “sleeping with the enemy,” in the case of getting Biden elected, that is acceptable to me.

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