This is one new “accomplishment” Donald Trump won’t be bragging about

Donald Trump has achieved another “accomplishment,” but he won’t be bragging about it. As everyone was expecting, MarketWatch has reported that Trump’s tariffs are hurting the U.S. economy. This news comes via Trump’s Federal Reserve Board. Unlike Trump, they can’t lie and make up numbers that don’t exist. Trump, on the other hand, who went on and on about how many billions the U.S. was collecting from foreign governments, can now stop one of the biggest lies of his “presidency.”

Trump gained voters through his (false) promise to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. Not only has he failed to keep that promise, but he has hurt what was left. According to the Federal Reserve report, manufacturing is one of the biggest industries hit by Trump’s tariffs. MarketWatch reveals that the top ten manufacturing industries hit worst by Trump’s tariffs are producers of magnetic and optical media, leather goods, aluminum sheet, iron and steel, motor vehicles, household appliances, sawmills, audio and video equipment, pesticide, and computer equipment. What’s left? This sounds like virtually everything every American household uses on an almost daily basis. As Palmer Report and other outlets have said all along, American consumers are paying for these tariffs, not China or any other foreign entity. Only a fool would have believed otherwise, but we are talking about Trump.

These losses are not only hitting us in the pocket, they are literally hitting home for some people, as many jobs have been lost as a result. The report states: “We find that tariff increases enacted in 2018 are associated with relative reductions in manufacturing employment and relative increases in producer prices.” Trump enacted steel and aluminum tariffs in March 2018, according to the Hill, and he made a big to-do over it, claiming that “aggressive foreign trade practices” were more or less “an assault on our country.” No, Donald Trump, you are an assault on our country. His every waking moment has been an assault on our country, from his flat-out lies and his terrible policies to his attempts to have Ukraine interfere in the 2020 elections. He is a complete disaster in every sense of the word.

While Trump and China have tentatively agreed on a new trade deal, don’t count on it happening. He will do or say something stupid to blow it up before it ever happens. That’s his modus operandi. In the meantime, the Hill reports that U.S. consumers and businesses have paid $7.1 billion in tariffs, a new record. Are we great yet? No, and we won’t be until Trump is gone. His is, without a doubt, the most disastrous presidency the U.S. has ever seen.
While the House has filed impeachment articles against Trump, we know they won’t be going anywhere—just like the hundreds of bills the House has passed that languish at the hands of Moscow Mitch McConnell, who is working hand-in-hand with Trump to ensure his acquittal. Do your dirt while you can, Republicans. You are so on your way out. We will survive the final disastrous months of Trump’s “presidency,” and we will work together to rebuild what Trump and his enablers have tried so hard to destroy.

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