This is the fight of our lives

Not only does “president” Donald Trump not get it, but his Republican minions do not get it either. Trump and his cronies are trying to get the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act. If they are successful, 23 million people will lose coverage, and people with preexisting conditions will be on their own. This action would be bad at any time, but during a worldwide pandemic, it is unfathomable. In the end, this move could likely finish off Republicans for good, which would be a true blessing.

Since taking office, Trump has tried to obliterate the ACA. He has crippled it, and now, he wants to take out the rest, including protections for preexisting conditions. The crux of the Republican argument is that because they removed the mandate, the ACA is now meaningless. Let this sink in: The GOP-led Congress in 2017 removed the penalty from the ACA, and they are now using that to argue the rest of the Act as moot. The real irony of this move cannot be ignored. As “president” of the United States, Trump can get all the care he wants and needs, and we pay for it. Republicans in the House and Senate get all their healthcare care needs met through insurance for which we pay. Can you see where this is going? These people not only have lots of money, but they have free health care. Yet, they want to take yours and mine even though we pay a portion. How anyone who is not filthy rich can vote Republican is mind boggling. If Trump and his administration have their way, the average American will be left at the mercy of insurance companies, which mercy does not exist. This is not only ludicrous; it is criminal.

People better #staywoke. Republicans want to take away our healthcare. They are even willing to lie about it. Washington Post mentioned Martha McSally, who claims in her new ad that she “will always protect those with preexisting conditions. Always.” PolitiFact rated McSally’s claims “false,” as her voting record clearly shows that she is wiling to be part and parcel of hurting Americans with preexisting conditions.

Look, Democrats are far from perfect, but Biden is trying to fix the debacle created by Trump. His plan includes a Medicare option, tax credits to lower the cost of premiums, and expanding coverage to low income people. Read the plan and decide for yourself. Since taking office, Trump has promised to replace the ACA with “something better.” Not only has he not kept his word, he continues to pound away at the ACA, hoping to eradicate it. Trump has never had a plan. Destroying the ACA is merely another attempt to destroy the legacy of a man he hates and envies—President Barack Obama. A few million Americans as collateral damage is neither here nor there for him. We are at a crossroad: Reelect “president” Trump and watch our right to healthcare disappear or vote for Joe Biden and try to piece back together what Trump has spent four years trying to destroy.

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