This is the perfect embodiment for Donald Trump’s entire failed presidency

Whatever level of bureaucracy or ineptness may be inherent in something as large and unwieldy as the federal government, it’s more clear than ever that Donald Trump has managed to make that ineptness far more severe. Now we’re seeing the perfect symbol of Trump’s failure to run an even remotely competent administration.

We all knew that the Trump regime’s distribution of coronavirus economic relief payments was going to go poorly when Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin initially announced that it would take months to get the checks out the door. Now that the money has been distributed, the horror stories are mounting about how corruptly and ineptly they were distributed.

It turns out not only did the Trump regime corruptly give large chunks of money to wealthy corporations that didn’t need it, the Trump regime also sent stimulus payments to dead people. No really, dead people. More than a million dead people.

In a rush to suddenly get millions of checks out the door, some errors and chaos are to be expected. But the Trump regime just sent money to a million dead people. If that’s not the perfect embodiment for Donald Trump’s entire failed presidency, we don’t know what is.

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