This is the year Donald Trump goes down

With 2019 at its end, let’s take a moment to look to the horizon and enjoy the 2020 storm a-brewing. Here are our predictions for the traitorous scum of Trump & Co. now that they’re stewing in their own impeachment juices, waiting for Nancy Pelosi.

Trump will be giving his February 4th State of the Union address in full meltdown mode, and it won’t be the usual monotonous and embarrassing screed. We predict he won’t be able to hold it together even as poorly as he’s done in the past. Why? Because Pompeo. Because Giuliani. Because Bolton. These guys are quickly becoming lead weights and Trump is clinging to their silence like a deflating life raft. Sending Pompeo to Ukraine is peak stupid Trump. His trying to make sure Zelensky keeps his trap shut couldn’t be more obvious. So is Trump’s current super-secret Putin call, the report of which only came in a couple of sentences released by the Kremlin.

Trump is a traitor and Pelosi knows it. So, let him “trait” out in front. Let the average Americans see how unfit he is to hold our highest office. Let him go batsh*t crazy in front of everyone. It’s a lesson the Republicans not only need but thoroughly deserve.

We’ve got a month till then. In the meantime, we need to keep our eye on AG Bill Barr. He’s the next to face impeachment. He’s been illegally giving Trump cover since he was appointed. We don’t care whether it’s for his religion, his bank account or his ego. He belongs in prison for turning our beautiful Democratic experiment into the morally negotiable instrument of a madman’s whims. Scrutiny needs to follow this guy’s every move, so, sign us up. We volunteer gladly.

The thing to remember is there are people watching. And more importantly to know, people are doing. November will be the sea-change we’ve been waiting for, and when Trump is gone, none of these people will get away with their crimes. There will be no pardons, no charity, no mercy. Only justice. Happy New Year!

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