This is ugly even for Donald Trump

“President” Donald Trump certainly enjoyed his Memorial Day weekend. While millions of Americans continue to suffer and/or die, he went out to play golf. When not golfing, Trump was tweeting out hate. Such useful pastimes for a president in the middle of a national and world crisis. Not really, but that’s Donald Trump. He is useful for nothing.

Memorial Day is a time to reflect on those who lost their lives in the never-ending quest to keep us safe from harm. They dedicated their lives to this task, a task that many chose. Instead of being silent and paying homage to these fallen heroes, Trump decided to ignore their contributions. No one can dispute that Trump has sustained himself on hate. After all the years of decent presidents and people trying to be nice to each other, there was apparently a group of people who did not desire to be politically correct, and Trump was the answer for them.

While CNN writer Michal D’Antonio believes that some of Trump’s blatant hatred is an act, he correctly states that Trump’s “cruelty, the arrogance, the rage and deviance” are not an act. Trump is a textbook narcissist. He cares only for things that make him look good and nothing for anyone else. His behavior this past weekend shows just how little he cares about the American people, including those who gave their lives for the country. For those who are sick of this behavior, Joe Biden provides the perfect foil.

Biden made his first public appearance on Memorial Day to lay a wreath at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Delaware with his wife Dr. Jill Biden. Both Biden and Dr. Biden were dressed in black, complete with black masks. Biden leads by example. More important, Biden does not fake who he is by making this type of appearance. According to AP, Biden has often visited this park for Memorial Day services. Though the services were obviously canceled this year, Biden sought to continue his tradition of giving tribute to those who laid down their lives for the good of our country. We do not need four more years of a self-centered, self-absorbed man who cannot even display empathy in one of the worst tragedies in our nation’s history.

As D’Antonio pointed out in his article, we have lost more Americans in a few months than we lost in Vietnam and Korea combined. Yet, all Trump can think about is dividing our country. He finally appeared late on Memorial Day to read a most dry, unfeeling statement. If anyone believes a word of it, they have issues. This man has no caring for anyone, even the dead. He continues to lie about the number of coronavirus cases and deaths rather than being a real president and helping to get this virus under control. It is always about him. Is that really who we want leading our country for the next four years? Apparently not. It is not surprising why Joe Biden is leading Trump in virtually every poll. It is time for a serious change in this country, and Biden — not Trump — is the man to lead that change.

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