This tells you all you need to know

Yesterday Donald Trump said something that was dumb, inexplicable, cowardly, and unpresidential – even by his pitifully low standards. With regard to the coronavirus crisis, he said “I don’t take responsibility at all.” It immediately evoked a response to other famous presidential quotes, including Harry Truman’s “The buck stops here.”

But if you’re looking for one quote that sums up everything that Donald Trump isn’t, you can get it right here from former President Barack Obama:

What did Barack Obama have to do with the oil spill? Nothing. But he was President of the United States at the time, so he took responsibility and got to work on trying to fix it as best he could. Contrast that with Donald Trump, who did negligently exacerbate this coronavirus mess, and who still won’t take responsibility for it. What a loser this guy is.

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