“This will kill you” – even Fox News is telling Donald Trump he’s out of his mind for taking hydroxychloroquine

When Donald Trump announced today that he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine for a week and a half as a preventative measure against the coronavirus outbreak in the White House, most people didn’t seem inclined to believe him. It has literally no benefit as a coronavirus treatment, and it kills a lot of people.

As Palmer Report pointed out, this is going to be a huge scandal for Donald Trump whether he’s telling the truth or lying. Either he’s mentally incompetent enough to take poison, or he’s mentally incompetent enough to lie about taking poison. How ugly is this for Trump? Even Fox News host Neil Cavuto is urging Trump not to take it, stressing “this will kill you” (if the video below won’t load on your device, go here instead):



Although Fox News usually tries to back up Donald Trump on his lies, this particular lie appears to be a bridge too far even for Fox. The network clearly doesn’t want to be held liable for its own viewers following Donald Trump’s advice and poisoning themselves, so it’s breaking sharply with him on this issue.

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