Donald Trump’s Titanic hits its iceberg

For every ship, there is an iceberg. The Trumptanic has hit its iceberg and we are on a death watch. The lifeboats are all full and launched, and the only thing Republicans have to hold onto are spurious acts of outrage à la Matt Gaetz. But outrage won’t make this ship float.
No matter what happens aboard next, the Mueller grand jury testimony will be revealed.

Trump’s taxes are just a judge’s signature away. Trump’s clown posse is heading to prison faster than the end of an Agatha Christie novel. For the coup de grâce, we have Rudy Giuliani butt dialing an NBC journalist and leaving messages on the voicemail bashing the Bidens and, best of all, begging for hundreds of thousands in cash because he needs money. Sinking is such sweet sorrow.

Trump is now erecting the ultimate Republican bogey man, the economy. He has taken credit for the fired-up economy he inherited from Obama and he’s threatening to take it down if he goes. Of course, the numbers and facts tell the real story. He’s done very little for the economy and much to damage it. Trump’s threats are laughable. So are the words we expect we’ll hear soon, “My kingdom for a horse!”

The sad thing Trump will find out in the minute before his very own 2:20 am, April 15, 1912, is that his ship was indeed not unsinkable. He will also have a moment of reality that the lifeboats are full of loyal government employees and the frightened fools in his administration who decided it was better to take the warning seriously and save themselves.

The Department of Justice is currently skewed by Bill Barr. But the DOJ is bigger than Barr, and because Barr hasn’t heeded the iceberg warnings either, he’s going to find himself looking for a raft at the final moment. And there won’t be one. With all respect to the tragic innocents who died on the fabled Titanic, but in this case, justice, like revenge, should be served cold. As cold as the North Atlantic in April.

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