Today is the big turning point in Donald Trump’s downfall

Having Donald Trump as our president is a protracted test of mental health and stifling the collapse of one’s soul, but it gives me great pleasure to say that today is different.

For the second time this week, a federal judge sided with the House of Representatives’ request for some of Trump’s financial records, namely records from Capital One and the ever-infamous financial Hotel California that is Deutsche Bank. On top of this, the New York Times reported that an anti-money laundering specialist at Deutsche Bank found suspicious activity in Trump and Kushner accounts, with some Kushner money ending up in the accounts of Russians. Not a great testament to his self-purported innocence.

The court battles will continue before the House gets any of the above from the banks, but it’s my confident estimation that the courts won’t budge on the judges’ rulings from this week; the law is simply not on Trump’s side. We are headed to the inevitable release of Trump’s dirty financial secrets, and considering he just ran out of roadblocks, it looks like it’ll happen sooner than many of us anticipated. Again, bad day for Trump. And then there’s Nancy Pelosi.

Today, in case you missed it, Nancy Pelosi looked into a television camera and told the world that Donald Trump is engaged in a cover-up. Nancy Pelosi, or “Nancy,” as she is known to Trump, has a history of being even-keeled, staid, and calculating. She only says things like this when she’s absolutely certain. If she’s speaking specifically in reference to evidence gathered of a cover-up by Trump, which would almost certainly include a buffet of obstruction of justice, then it’s quite simply game over. Remember: the cover-up was the nail in Nixon’s presidential coffin.

None of this is even to take into consideration that former White House counsel Don McGahn is poised to be held in contempt of Congress with Steve Mnuchin (he doesn’t like being called “Steve”) right behind him. An aside; did you know Stevie is a racist and a sexist?

Donald Trump is falling, and like the babbling tangerine Goliath that he is, he’s falling hard. His collapse being slow and painful was a foregone conclusion; we knew from the start of this agonizing saga that he wouldn’t go easy. But we’re finally here in the midst of his hubristic end, and we finally get to watch him, not us, be tested – something at which, if we were to ever see his school transcripts, we would be able to confirm he isn’t especially good.

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