Intel expert thinks Robert Mueller indictments are coming tomorrow

No one knows precisely what Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s roadmap to taking down Donald Trump looks like, and that secrecy is one of the many reasons Mueller has the upper hand. But one U.S. intel expert thinks he’s managed to deduce what Mueller is going to do next, and if he’s right, let’s just say that you might want to block out some time on your calendar tomorrow.

By now you’re probably familiar with former CIA Director John Brennan, who fearlessly speaks his mind during interviews, and who has therefore been frequently attacked by Donald Trump. Brennan appeared on MSNBC this week and said that while he doesn’t have inside knowledge, he thinks there’s a good chance indictments are coming tomorrow.

John Brennan’s reasoning: even the more conservative of projections have suggested that Robert Mueller may be looking to file his final report by mid-March. Brennan thinks that Mueller will unseal a slew of indictments, and arrest a horde of people accordingly, just as he’s filing his report. Mueller usually likes to bust people on Fridays. He might only have tomorrow and next Friday to choose from, and Brennan doesn’t think it’ll be the latter, because busting a bunch of people on the Ides of March would be too on the nose.

We don’t know what’s coming or when. But at the least, John Brennan’s logic is sound, and he’s consistently proven that he has an instinct for how these things work. If he’s right, tomorrow will be full of Robert Mueller fireworks. And if he’s not right, those fireworks are coming soon enough. Whenever Mueller is done, he won’t be ending quietly.