Donald Trump looks totally defeated

Donald Trump may be the world’s lamest showman, but he’s still a showman. So when he saw last night that he was performing for a largely empty arena in Tulsa, he went on stage and acted like it was a packed house and everything was going great for him. But after Trump was done pretending, he had to travel home – and that’s when we got a glimpse of just how defeated he looked.

After Trump flew home on Air Force One, he traveled home from the airport via helicopter. These forty seconds of video, showing him getting off the helicopter, show an exasperated, deflated, and defeated man. While the soundtrack on this video has obviously been added for humor, the video footage itself is very much real (if the video below won’t load on your device, go here instead):



Much as we’d like to think that Donald Trump is permanently defeated, the reality is that the election is still four and a half months away. We have to allow for the possibility that he’ll try to dust himself off, bring in new campaign people, and take another swing at it – so we have to stay vigilant. But it’s now clear that the era of Trump holding a big rally and beating his chest is over. With his declining popularity, that probably wasn’t going to work this time around, even if there weren’t a pandemic keeping people home.

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