Donald Trump is totally in the dark

Last night the New York Times published a lengthy article about Donald Trump’s failed Tulsa rally, sourced to several unnamed members of the Trump regime. The article was full of the usual backbiting, and the surreal revelation that Brad Parscale and Jared Kushner – the two people arguably most directly responsible for the debacle – weren’t even in attendance.

But the real revelation from the NY Times article is buried near the end. It helps to confirm something that Palmer Report has long believed to be the case, which is that Donald Trump’s inept handlers are conning him by telling him things are going well when they’re actually going terribly – and Trump is so far gone, he actually falls for it:

But unlike most situations in which Mr. Trump’s advisers have tried to keep certain information from him — such as the fact that Mr. Biden outraised him in the month of May — or put a rosy sheen on it, the president saw for himself the empty seats in Oklahoma.

You can read the full article here. But it’s remarkable that some of Donald Trump’s advisers are now just flat out admitting that some of Trump’s other advisers are trying to keep him totally in the dark about how bad things are for him, and that it’s at least partially working. Just how deep into senility is this guy?

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