Trump campaign hits the panic button

Donald Trump embarrassed himself yet again on Wednesday when the White House released a childishly written letter to Turkish President Erdogan urging Erdogan to simply withdraw from Syria because it’s the right thing to do and somehow he’ll be rewarded for doing so. Faced with impeachment, the last thing Trump needs is fallout from the leadership of his own party, so he wrote a desperate letter to at least look like his heart’s in the right place when he couldn’t possibly care less about the Kurds.

Naturally, it wasn’t the only letter the Trump regime released on Wednesday either, as the Trump campaign sent a letter to CNN. The campaign’s attorney threatened to sue the network, a known thorn in Trump’s side, acting on behalf of Donald Trump and the 2020 Trump campaign, seeking “compensatory damages, treble damages, punitive damages, injunctive relief, reimbursement of legal costs, and all other available legal and equitable remedies, to the maximum extent permitted by law.”

In addition to Trump’s usual “fake news” talking points, the letter takes things a step further – saying that CNN violated the Lanham Act by falsely representing itself as an organization of “truth seekers.” The letter doesn’t disclose a specified amount for damages, but says the award should be substantial – and it cites a manipulated video released by a right wing group as proof that CNN President Jeff Zucker is out to destroy Donald Trump with a false impeachment narrative.

CNN caught onto their nonsense, calling the stunt for what it was: A cheap effort to promote a shady right-wing organization whose efforts to embarrass left-leaning organizations typically backfire. The video, which would never hold up in a court of law as evidence of anything, was promoted via tweet by Donald Trump earlier this week, who suggested it was grounds for a lawsuit. When Trump’s thoughts should be on the very real prospect of his own impeachment, he’s instead focused on who he thinks the real enemy is – and the whole problem all along has been that news networks don’t cast him in a favorable light.

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