It’s heartbreaking to realize that one day soon we will look back on the current velocity of losing a thousand people a day to COVID-19 as “the good old days.” When we reach the point later this month or early in June, when new deaths climb to the equivalent of the loss of life on September 11th, 2001 every single day, as the second wave of this pandemic begins to spike thanks to the idiotic early reopen policy of Trump and his governors, I wonder what Trump will do then.

I can tell you what he’s doing now. In the time it took me to write the above paragraph, the child-raping, murdering Donald Trump has tweeted three times. They are retweets of Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett’s vicious attacks on Trump’s political rivals. Trump’s response: “GREAT!” Maybe it’s the same “GREAT” contained in the slogan, “Make America GREAT Again,” who knows? Maybe Trump means it just like that.

Anyway, it’s midnight in Washington as I write this, five in the morning in England. I see what’s keeping Trump up so late. Glee. Glee that he can stick it to his political rivals. Glee, thanks to Fox News and whatever drug he’s abusing that’s raising his spirits, because that’s all that matters to him. Maybe he and Bill Barr can even figure out a way to put the people he hates in prison. Maybe then he will finally be happy.

While tens of thousands of Americans are in fresh mourning over another thousand dead, Trump is putting his little one man schadenfreude party on display for all the vicious ghouls, psychos, criminals and fascists in and out of politics that love him. It’s the ugliest, most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I can’t believe how utterly bereft of humanity these people are.

Were it not for a majority of decent people who find such behavior beyond the pale of appalling, I could almost believe that we deserve this pandemic. But we don’t. Most Americans despise Donald Trump because they’re decent. Thank goodness for that. Donald Trump and the people who applaud him are little, vindictive, hateful and stupid, and we know it. We the People will never be superseded by Wee the People. The better part of Americans are better than that. We are the five sevenths of the world, and the two sevenths are about to go down in flames.

It doesn’t seem possible, but very soon now, if we do this right, we can celebrate the end of Donald Trump. We can at last restore normality. We can look to the day when a vicious hoodlum huddling in the Residence in his bathrobe tweeting hateful, divisive, racist lies will become a loathsome memory rotting in prison. We can look to a day when hourly scandals issuing forth from a corrupt government will disappear. If we do this right, on November third a shout of Liberty will burst upon the American landscape like ten thousand suns, and the world will stand with us in blessed final relief. The headline, TRUMP DEFEATED, will circle the globe on the triumphant breath of five billion cheering souls.

This is no longer a political contest, it’s a fight for our survival. If Trump doesn’t go in November then we are finished. Trump has graduated this year from child rape, larceny, treason and fraud to murder, as I had long feared he would, and he will murder a million Americans or more before he is done. Trump must go. We must be done with him. So please vote like your lives depend on it, because they do. Failure is not an option. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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