Donald Trump is falling to pieces in real time

In this wearying struggle to save our democracy, it’s both horrifying and heartening to watch the mob take over our White House. Horrifying because, well, Trump; heartening because he is a total moron and only a moron would do his bidding.

We’ve got Doug Collins in a fight for his political life in Georgia, we’ve got Susan Collins of Maine on the run. Trump can fire the Director of National Intelligence, but as Bill Barr is finding out the hard way, these figureheads are at the helm of a huge apparatus that will grind on with or without them. It’s very hard to change a corporate culture. It’s near impossible to change the culture of the Department of Justice. People are hired to do their jobs and for decades they do just that. In order for the intelligence community to start working solely for Trump instead of for the United States’ best interests, it would take a generation. And Trump’s got less than nine months.

The other thing is – and we’ve said this a lot – Trump is so stupid, ADHD, doped-up and malignant, that you can offer him any flattering platitude and he will immediately think you’re on his side. This is why he’s had to fire so many, because when they have to do their job instead of flattering him, he’s shocked that they are not on his “side.” This will continue. He will appoint lackeys to do his bidding, but the minute they have to actually do their job, they’ll be fired.

This kind of instability does not an authoritarian regime make. Even the lowliest lickspittle will eventually be faced with either going to jail for sucking up to Trump, or just doing their damned job. Most will get their job done and avoid prison. As long as he’s in office, yes, they will be fired, or they will quit. But there’s only so much damage he can do before November. And every embattled day that goes by from now on will be a revelation of bad news and more impeachment. Finally, January will come and the only thing he’ll have to look forward to is prison. We’ll have a lot to celebrate come the holidays of 2020.

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