Donald Trump’s connections to pedophiles keep growing more alarming

Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi now has come out with it. She doesn’t want Trump impeached, she wants him in jail. Not only has Trump betrayed his country, he is also a dangerous man to children. As a mother and grandmother, Pelosi knows this.

Six children have died in custody at the border in the past several months, which easily sets a record, since no child died in custody in the last ten years. They are cutting aid to these children for recreation, English lessons and legal aid. This all makes sense when you look at the men in Trump’s circle – and we’re not just talking about Stephen Miller.

George Nader has stayed as a go-to guy in the Republican Party for decade, even though he’s been busted for child pornography multiple times. Did this give the Republicans pause? Nope. Trump’s bud and convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein was given a sweetheart plea deal by Alex Acosta, who is now Trump’s labor secretary. Epstein was also given a job teaching math at the prestigious Dalton School in NYC by none other than Bill Barr’s father. Epstein had no college degree.

A man who goes on the radio with Howard Stern and agrees that his own daughter is a “piece of ass” sure as hell wouldn’t have concern for a child who’s not related to him. If all the treachery and treason weren’t enough for the Republicans to get rid of this guy, one would think his connections to pedophilia would. Don’t count on it. The pro-life party, the family-values party, doesn’t give a damn. Lock them all up.

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