Trump can’t even get the Russia thing right anymore

More good news! Not only is Trump losing according to his own insider polling figures, a recent survey taken by Chapman University shows Americans are overwhelmingly afraid, first and foremost, of corruption in government. This is spectacular! It shows people are catching on to the crimes Trump and his circle are committing, and the people are responding appropriately in light of the current state of our affairs.

There are still those who pessimistically predict Trump will win the next election. Anything is possible, of course, particularly since we know the Russians will do everything within their cyber and political power to make it happen. However, there are lots of reasons to believe Russian interference won’t work, first and foremost because Trump is proving he is just as unreliable with the Russians as he is with the United States.

The U.S. is messing with cyber communications on Russian territory to the point where even their power grid isn’t safe, according to the New York Times. This is a slap in the face to Putin. He put Trump in office precisely to run interference. That Trump hasn’t intervened speaks volumes. Instead Trump has provided the “Fake News!” weak excuse and will forget about it tomorrow.

But let’s hope that CYBERCOM doesn’t see this as the end. If anything, it is just the beginning. While Trump will certainly try now to undercut CYBERCOM’s reputation and integrity, it’s too late. The message has been delivered that if you happened to be Department of Justice, Homeland Security, or whatever, it’s better to withhold from the presidency than have all your communication thwarted by a hostile foreign power. Now let’s hope Trump’s narcissism and dumb vanity keep him distracted enough to let others do their job.

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