The sinking of the Trumptanic is fully underway

The Barr Report is out, and we now see we’ll have to fight like never before to make sure the truth comes to light. Guilty or not guilty is up to a jury of his peers, but the facts about Trump’s strange behavior, particularly with regard to Vladimir Putin, must absolutely be presented to the American people.

Unfortunately the news is not good. Trump appointee Attorney General Barr is going to allow Trump to edit the Mueller Report at will, according to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, though the DOJ is now disputing Graham’s assertion. If it does happen, prepare for a lot of black lines. In fact, Trump’s version probably won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

The good news is Democrats are ready to pounce like never before. At this moment, we have Deutsche Bank handing over Trump’s financial records to the Democratic House. Correspondence regarding intelligence briefings to Donald Trump is still an ongoing FOIA matter at We have an unusually high number of sealed indictments on the docket at the Eastern District of Virginia. We don’t know what we don’t know. But our winning card is the truth – and leaks.

The real Mueller Report will leak like the Trumptanic after hitting five icebergs. No one will be able to stop it. Eventually we will see for ourselves what Mueller investigated and what the results were. Was Mueller involved in a coverup? His history seems to make this unlikely. Is he willing to go along with the spin for other reasons? Perhaps for the stability of the country. Perhaps for the loyalty to his party. We will see if he’s a white hat or black hat eventually. This is far, far from over.

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