Turns out Donald Trump is even further gone than we thought

Back when Donald Trump was the host of the Apprentice, television ratings were his only real measure of success. It didn’t matter if people were tuning in because they thought he was putting on a great show, or if they were tuning in because they thought he was an idiot and they wanted to see what stupid thing he would do next. Either way, he was getting his ratings, winning his time slot, and so on.

The trouble for Trump is that the presidency simply doesn’t work that way. At this point, most people only tune in for Trump’s televised events to see how bad of shape he’s in, or how insane of an incoherent bender he’ll go on, or whether he’ll fall down a ramp. If this were still the Apprentice, fine. But in politics, success isn’t measured by TV ratings, it’s measured by approval ratings.

So when Trump tweeted this today, it was hard to believe it was even a real tweet: “Do not believe the Fake News Media. Oklahoma speech had the highest Saturday television ratings in @FoxNews history. @seanhannity dominated T.V. with my interview on Thursday night, more than @CNN & MSDNC COMBINED. These are the real polls, the Silent Majority, not FAKE POLLS!”

Trump appears to truly believe that because his TV ratings are still decent, it means the polls that say he’s getting blown out must be fake. His narcissistic mind can’t even process the reality that some people are tuning in just to see how badly he screws up. Trump couldn’t be much more removed from reality at this point.

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