Turns out Mar-a-Lago was a Petri dish for coronavirus

This afternoon Donald Trump used his press conference to insist that he can’t possibly have the coronavirus because he didn’t personally know the Brazilian government official who has since tested positive, even though there’s photographic proof that Trump interacted with the guy. That logic made zero sense, of course. Now it turns out it’s even worse.

The AP just reported that an unnamed second person who was at Mar-a-Lago this past weekend has also tested positive for the coronavirus. This means the place was a veritable Petri dish. If two people have tested positive from that particular social gathering, it means it’s likely that far more than two people have it.

It’s worth noting that Lindsey Graham, Rick Scott, and others who were at Mar-a-Lago have been self quarantining, just in case. Turns out they were doing it for good reason. It’s not known if the second infected person is a high profile government official or simply a Mar-a-Lago attendee. But this is getting ugly, and the odds of Donald Trump having the coronavirus are going up by the minute.

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