Donald Trump caught making humiliating mistake in his own new TV ad

Is there anything Donald Trump can’t screw up? Is there anything Donald Trump hasn’t found a way to be racist about? Yesterday he managed to find a whole new way to do both these things, when he posted a new campaign ad accusing Joe Biden of being too friendly with the Chinese government, citing video footage of Biden shaking hands with… former Washington Governor Gary Locke?

That’s right, Donald Trump and his campaign took one look at Gary Locke, decided that he looked Chinese, and then presumed that Locke was a Chinese government official, and put him in a TV ad. It’s a stunningly bizarre new level of racism, and it’s the latest reminder of just how massively incompetent the Trump regime is.

Former 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang was appropriately outraged over what happened:


Donald Trump and his campaign need to apologize to Gary Locke, and apologize to all Asian people. But of course this won’t happen. This kind of racist idiocy hurts Trump with the voters in the middle who will decide whether he gets reelected. But Trump doesn’t seem to understand or care about that; he only cares that his racist base loves racism. Come to think of it, maybe this TV ad wasn’t an accident.

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