Twitter just made a new move that Donald Trump is going to hate

Each time Twitter slaps a fact check or warning label on one of Donald Trump’s false or violent tweets, he threatens to abuse his position as President of the United States to retaliate against the company. However, Twitter keeps standing its ground. And now Twitter is sticking it to Trump.

Back when Donald Trump was purging everyone who was involved with the investigation into his Trump-Russia criminal scandal, one of the people he forced out was FBI general counsel James Baker. But now Twitter is hiring Baker as its own deputy general counsel. The officially stated reason for Baker’s hire is that he’ll help Twitter with its overall legal platform. But realistically, it sure feels like Twitter is sticking it to Trump by hiring a highly qualified legal expert who is already under Trump’s skin, as it gears up for whatever legal battle it ends up having with Trump.

Donald Trump recently signed an executive order aimed at punishing Twitter, but best anyone can tell, the document was fairly toothless. Trump keeps insisting that Twitter’s actions against his tweets are “illegal” but there is obviously no criminal element going on here. What does stand out is that Trump has to keep using Twitter to attack Twitter – a reminder of which side has the leverage and which side doesn’t.

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