Donald Trump’s judgment day is coming

Jeffrey Epstein’s death has been officially ruled a suicide and, (surprise!) we’re finding out how poorly our Bureau of Prisons is run by the used-to-be-venerable Department of Justice. Donald Trump & Co. should take notice because prison is what’s waiting for them on the backside of the next election.

The corruption of this administration is not only breathtaking but numbing at the same time. We’re all weary of it. The head of the Federal Election Commission, Ellen Weintraub, says she cannot get one Republican on her committee to agree to investigate Russian interference in our elections using Russian NRA funds. “Moscow Mitch” McConnell is blocking all election safety measures, foreign aid is reportedly being cut except for Ivanka’s pet causes, and we could go on and on. The corruption is blatant and exhausting.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death isn’t making these investigations go away. Trump’s false sense of security will come back now that Epstein isn’t daily in the news, but the GOP will not only be taken down by their revolting acceptance of pedophilia, but with the money trail. “How did Epstein make his money?” is the question all should be asking. Because this will answer how Trump was making his money. Right now, Trump is getting emoluments all over the place, but the big money was always in his real estate deals with Russia, plus whatever money he was making in his dealings with underage girls in the shady Trump Model Management business.

Don’t quit asking questions. We’ve come to see that Trumpsters and MAGAs have no real sense of decency. Pedophilia may be negotiable for them, especially if they view their leader to be rich and powerful. But MAGAs and Trumpsters are cheap. The swelling deficit will anger them, and the farmers and unions are hurting. Trump is heading into a dark period where his taxes and Epstein/Russia deals will begin to be exposed. He will behave like a wounded animal, for sure. But tick tock. Judgment day in “No More November” is coming.

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