Donald Trump is unraveling in real time

Hopefully, everything hitting Donald Trump at once will be his undoing. Democrats continue impeachment efforts, even as some White House officials defy subpoenas and refuse to testify. We’re one year from the general election, and things are unraveling in real time for Donald Trump, despite his attempts to circumvent the very processes put in place to stop abuse of power. CNN reports that this abuse of power is the case that Democrats now seek to build.

The Ukraine issue is at the heart of Trump’s abuse of power. He knowingly withheld military aid that had been approved by Congress to seek Ukraine’s help in his conspiracy theories. Once again displaying his ignorance, Trump had hoped to gain Ukraine’s help in discrediting Joe Biden so that he can win the 2020 election, even though Biden isn’t yet the nominee and all five top candidates can beat him. Everyone (except Trump and Giuliani) knows that the conspiracy theories about Biden and his son were debunked some time ago, but that apparently isn’t registering with the not-so-dynamic duo. Adam Schiff is quoted by CNN as saying that each new interview Congress conducts more clearly outlines Trump’s abuses. Even as all of this is unfolding, Trump is openly calling for someone—anyone—to expose the identity of the whistleblower whose complaint began the inquiry. Surely, he knows this is unlawful, but since when has Trump ever cared about the law? All he cares about is himself and his drive to secure absolute power.

It is shameful that Republicans in office also ignore and attempt to circumvent the law. According to CNN, some of them continue to argue that there was no quid pro quo, even in the face of all the evidence that has come out. Denial to the highest power. Other Republicans, according to CNN, believe that Trump possesses “sweeping power to dictate foreign policy.” That may be true, but nowhere in the Constitution does it give a president the power to engage in extortion, bribery, and conspiracy. Even as his enablers continue to try to protect Trump, others are beginning to realize that lying to protect Trump isn’t going to help them in the long run.

Just look at Gordon Sondland, who has now changed his previous testimony. He suddenly “remembers” telling President Zelensky’s top aide that Ukraine would not receive already-approved military assistance unless and until Ukraine agreed to investigate the 2016 election and Joe Biden. Sondland now admits that he did, in fact, personally advise Ukraine officials that they were required to “cooperate” with Giuliani in order to receive the promised aide. Is Sondland subject to selective recall or is he just trying to change his lie before the perjury charges come?

As if all this isn’t enough to rain on Trump’s parade, the U.S. Court of Appeals has rejected Trump’s claim that he is not obligated to turn over his tax returns because “he is immune from prosecution” as president, according to CNN. Trump really doesn’t understand how any of this works, does he? This isn’t Trump International, and the Constitution is in charge, not Trump. Perhaps he should just go ahead and resign and save the taxpayers untold sums of money and embarrassment for himself.

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