Donald Trump just blew it with Emmanuel Macron AGAIN

With the G7 Summit underway in France, all eyes are on Donald Trump to see just how badly he screws it up. He’s spent the week declaring himself the messiah while tanking the U.S. economy and offending just about everyone, so let’s just say that expectations for his G7 performance were rather low going in.

Trump got off to a terrible start today when he had lunch with French President Emmanuel Macron and then proceeded to tweet about someone named “Emanuel Macrone” instead. Worse, Trump unwittingly tagged an anti-Trump leaning Macron parody account in the process. He then had to delete it and post it again with the correct spelling. After that, could Trump find a way to screw up even worse than misspelling “Emmanuel” and “Macron”?

As it turns out, yes. This evening Donald Trump tweeted about “Emanuel Macrone” again, and tagged the same parody account again. This guy couldn’t be any more braindead. Either his cognitive abilities are completely gone, meaning he needs to be removed for his own good, or he’s doing this on purpose, meaning he needs to be removed for the good of everyone else. It really is time for the 25th Amendment. But wait, it gets worse.

After managing to misspell “Emmanuel” twice and misspell “Macron” twice in the same day, Donald Trump turned around and posted this G7 update: “Our great Economy is the talk of everyone!” Uh, sure, Donald. The whole world is indeed talking about the U.S. economy right now, but not for the reasons this guy would like.

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