Donald Trump vanishes after going to hospital for supposed “routine physical”

On Saturday, Donald Trump was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center for an unscheduled visit which the White House initially tried to claim was for a routine physical that isn’t scheduled until February. Trump’s Twitter account later claimed it was to visit a military family. The lies keep adding up and disproving each other, and now the story has taken an even stranger turn, as Trump has vanished.

Various observers pointed out on Saturday night that the White House press pool didn’t actually see Donald Trump return to the White House. Now the AP’s Jonathan Lemire is confirming that Trump was “not in public view today.” His official schedule doesn’t have him in public tomorrow either, even though it’ll be a weekday.

In other words, no one has seen Donald Trump since before he was taken to the hospital on Saturday, and there’s every indication that no one will see him until at least Tuesday. Even for a lazy and historically non-transparent president like Trump, this is unprecedented. Sure, Trump has been tweeting like crazy today, but we’ve already seen plenty of instances where his handlers were ghost-tweeting for him. In fact some of his misspellings today (“womem” and “ststement”) are weird even by his standards, raising the question of whether his handlers are trying a little too hard to imitate him today.

That’s not to say that Donald Trump is secretly still in the hospital, or that he’s holed up in the White House and near death. For all we know he could have merely had a minor medical incident, and he’s too narcissistic and vain to let the public know about it. But the bottom line is that the President of the United States has abruptly been taken to the hospital and then vanished while he’s being impeached. This is screwy even for Trump.

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