Donald Trump is walking into a trap

“President” Donald Trump knows the only way he can win reelection is by stoking the fires under his racist followers and sewing discord among Democratic voters. He is busy doing both things, though the latter may not be as successful as he thinks. Politico writer David Siders believes that the unity of the Democratic party will be a big problem for him. Trump, who listens to no one and nothing, is walking into his own trap.

Donald Trump claims that the Democratic party “stole” the election from Bernie Sanders. This is such a tired, old talking point, but Trump is trying to use it to his advantage. At the same time, the Democratic party is uniting its base. The more that Biden embraces Warren’s and Sanders’ platforms, the more these talking points will not be viable. Instead of accepting his fate and moving on, Trump hopes to take the rest of us with him to hell. He’s going to have a very difficult time doing that.

Siders points out several issues that stand between “president” Trump and reelection. First, he must successfully divide the Democratic party, which he obviously has no idea how to do. Second, Trump barely “won” the White House to begin with, capturing only 46% of the vote. He continues to poll below 50% — even during what should have been a “rally around the flag” moment — and no one is clamoring to get behind him after the way he has botched the coronavirus response. Most important, Trump is an insufferable, egotistical, narcissistic asshole. None of that is going to change, especially in the eyes of independents, a group Trump desperately needs to win. Trump’s campaign doesn’t get it and continues with their “divide and conquer” strategy.

Trump’s campaign is running Facebook ads targeting Sanders supporters, hoping to capitalize on the so-called divide between progressive and moderate Democrats. Sanders, Biden, and Obama are working together to close the divide, something Trump and his people don’t understand. At the same time, Trump has an incredibly warped sense of reality, and he is slowly falling apart. While Trump continues to come unhinged, Biden is pointing out his shortcomings, which will likely drive him even further over the edge.

Biden is turning the screws. During his recent town hall, Biden pointed out that Trump is “throwing temper tantrums” instead of doing his job. Biden is correct. “He likes to say he’s a wartime President. Well, he needs to begin to step up and act like one,” Biden told his town hall attendees. That will never happen. Trump continues to blame others for his own shortcomings, while Biden continues picking away at him. Biden asked: “Have we heard him offer anything that approaches a sincere expression of empathy for the people that are hurting?” Of course not, and we never will. Narcissists have no capacity for empathy, which will always prevent Trump from doing the right thing. Biden just needs to keep holding Trump accountable and capitalize on his shortcomings.

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