Donald Trump has completely walled himself off

Trump started his presidential campaign with a stupid, racist, and pointless idea: build a wall on the US-Mexico border. As president, Trump has built a couple significant walls, and no, I’m not talking about his border wall.

Right now, there is a fence (or in Trump parlance, a “wall”) surrounding the White House. The fence is absolutely covered in signs and art protesting the countless murders of black Americans at the hands of police, as well as the centuries-long systemic discrimination of black Americans in the nation where “all men are created equal.” I encourage you to look at photos of the fence; it is hard to not be moved.

It’s now being dismantled by security. But this wall surrounding Trump is not just physical — it’s a metaphor for what he’s done to this country and what the people are now doing to him. Trump has always been wildly out of touch with the needs of the nation. At best, he’s catered to his base, and at worst, he’s gotten blood on his hands. The wall surrounding the White House separates him from reality. But it does something even more significant.

The people have Trump circled. The wall around the White House shows it. Trump’s approval rating is falling and even Republicans are starting to spurn him in disgust. Trump’s chances at reelection are dropping by the day. Trump even rescheduled a rally “out of respect for Juneteenth,” which is something he never would have even considered at the height of his power. Trump knows he’s on thin ice. Further, for the first time ever as far as I’m aware, Trump actually gave a clear statement that he will peacefully exit office if he loses in November. Trump sounds defeated, and I think it’s because he knows defeat in November is likely.

The bottom line is this: Three and a bit years in, and the only walls Trump has successfully built are the ones around the White House and one between him and the people. Ironic? You bet.

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