The walls are closing in on Donald Trump

As we grow ever so weary of the tyrant in the White House, we have to tell ourselves to keep watching this car crash. The Washington Post has an editorial saying that the public weariness of him is helping his poll numbers. We can’t let this happen. Too much is at stake; not only our country but our children.

Jeffrey Epstein’s alignment with Trump is surely going to help bring down this presidency, but it will take time. Five months ago, federal prosecutors requested interviews with Trump Organization executives and there has been no followup to date. Five months ago, Bill Barr became Attorney General. Coincidence, I think not. Four co-conspirators in the previous Epstein case were granted immunity. These pedophiles and enablers need to be looked into.

The other entity circling the wagons around Trump is the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis. Alex Acosta worked there. Brett Kavanaugh worked there. William Barr and John Bolton too. Kirkland & Ellis also was the law firm that worked with Dershowitz to secure the sweetheart deal Epstein got from Acosta. All this needs to be investigated also.

We’ve also got children in jeopardy at our border. Mike Pence, fake Christian that he is, never even spoke to any of the detainees in the video of him at the detention center, instead choosing to stare for 70 plus seconds into space. Even Heinrich Himmler spoke to the detainees at his prisoner of war camps. Now Pence is, of course, lying about his visit. All those men in blue blazers just took the photo op to show their base they were keeping the brown hordes at bay. This all has to be investigated and prosecuted. And it won’t happen if we become apathetic.

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