Donald Trump wants out

MSNBC and Huffington Post both report that Trump wants to get out of the White House. Several Twitter users had a great suggestion for him: Resign, with a photo of Richard Nixon’s resignation letter. The truth of the matter is that Trump hates being holed up in the White House, where he is constantly reminded of his incompetence. Aides say Trump is “frustrated,” but he is likely frustrated that he cannot play golf instead of working. He has made 25 trips to his resorts to play golf at a cost to taxpayers of $134 million, which he is unable to do right now. Yeah, we want him out too. We may just get our wish.

CNN calls Joe Biden’s campaign “invisible,” but the body of their report shows that he must not be too invisible. A new Fox News poll shows Biden leading Trump 49% to 41% in Michigan, and that’s not all. The same poll shows Biden “clearly ahead” in both Florida and Pennsylvania. In long-term polling averages of the states, Biden is also ahead of Trump. So, Trump may get his wish to get out of the White House — permanently.

While Democrats have been crying foul over Biden’s lack of coverage, CNN shows that this lack of coverage isn’t hurting Biden and is actually helping him. CNN compares/contrasts the media coverage between Trump and Clinton and Trump and Biden. In the case of Clinton, she was badly hurt by negative press thanks to James Comey’s announcement of an eleventh-hour investigation into her emails. That story hurt Clinton much more than any positive press for Trump helped him. Now, the proverbial shoe is on the other foot, as Trump is constantly bombarded with his ineffective handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump is giving ill-advised advice such as injecting bleach as an antidote for the virus. That conversation has been trending all weekend, and now Trump is trying to turn the tables by doing what he does best: change his story.

Donald Trump is now blaming the press for the blow-up surrounding his stupid suggestion. Duh. Saying something so utterly wrong and dangerous deserves media scrutiny. Trump went into hiding only emerging to use his favorite vehicle — Twitter — to target his favorite punching bag, the press, though he best serves us with his silence. Whenever he opens his mouth, something stupid comes out. He has refused to rely on the scientists who surround him, instead relegating them to secondary positions, as if what they have to say cannot possibly be as important as anything he wants to say. Perhaps he is finally getting it that Americans do not want to hear any more nonsense from him.

Whatever Trump is doing, he needs to keep doing it. With Biden leading in the polls and Trump continuing to shoot himself in the foot, he will get his wish to get out of the White House. That is our most ardent wish as well.

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