We knew this one was going to be rough

We said June was going to be rough. There’s now talk of Trump resigning but it’s not likely. He has no better option than to stay put and fight like hell for the next term. Russia and China have been recruited to help him. The election is only going to divide us further because haters gonna hate, but the majority will be voting for Biden. Will it be enough?

The latest scandal has Trump buddying up to Vladimir “Will He Be My New Best Friend?” Putin, all the while Russia was paying the Taliban a bounty for US soldiers’ heads. This should be causing an earthquake, but with COVID-19 and all things Trump, exhaustion has taken over and people just want it to end.

Our military may have another viewpoint on this. Also, the intelligence community. The GRU is Russia’s military intelligence and they are the ones behind the 2016 election interference. They’re also the ones behind this Taliban bounty. It’s clear they don’t fear us while Trump is in power and if that isn’t disturbing enough, now is a good time to wonder about Trump’s insistence that his family members be given security clearances. What info has Russia and China gotten for election help while the Taliban was gleefully murdering our soldiers?

This is beyond dereliction of duty. Treason will be proven once Trump & Co. is out of office, but we have 100 plus days to the election. Now is the time to put away our exhaustion and know that if it takes us camping out for days at the voting booth, we will do it to save our military, our spies, our democracy.

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