We told you not to doubt Nancy Pelosi

If anyone doubts Nancy Pelosi’s smarts, he or she should stop doubting. Multiple outlets have been speculating that by holding onto the articles of impeachment, Pelosi is effectively giving more time for additional information to come out to the American public. Either Pelosi is the smartest woman in Washington or she simply knew something the rest of us didn’t know.

Just Security, a national security blog, has released unredacted versions of previously released emails. These emails show not only the lengths to which “president” Trump went to blackmail Ukraine but how the Justice Department tried to cover his tracks. Elaine McCusker, acting Pentagon comptroller, repeatedly tried to get to the bottom of the “hold” on the Ukraine aid. Who was in the midst of the cover-up? Trump, Pompeo, and Pence. McCusker was ready to move forward with impoundment paperwork because she knew that these funds would be lost if not timely disbursed. In response to McCusker’s inquiries, Michael Duffey of OMB tried to place the blame on the Department of Defense, to which McCusker responded, “You can’t be serious. I’m speechless.” Talk about throwing someone under the bus. The “blame game” had begun.

Even after McCusker’s repeated warnings and everything that had transpired to date, on December 11, OMG General Counsel Paoletta drafted a letter to the GAO that stated in part, “at no point during the pause in obligations did DOD [Office of General Counsel] indicate to OMB that, as a matter of law, the apportionments would prevent DOD from being able to obligate the funds before the end of the fiscal year.” Bullshit! McCusker continuously pointed out that the administration’s activities were illegal, and it’s documented. Not only are these people criminals, but they’re stupid criminals.

Following the timeline of events is quite mind-blowing. These funds would have been withheld past the deadline but for one of the defense contractors, L3 Harris Technologies, inquiring about the release of funds on August 27. That company somehow learned of the “hold” and was demanding an explanation. On the same day, the Pentagon drafted a letter to the acting director of OMB once again outlining the folly of withholding Ukraine’s military aid past the September deadline. Word of the hold then reached Capitol Hill, U.S. defense contractors, and Ukraine officials, and Politico brought everything into the open on August 28. Stubbornly continuing to try to get Trump’s investigation into Joe Biden, Pence traveled to Ukraine on September 1.

Let’s call this what it is: Clear criminal activity by “president” Donald Trump, his lackey Mike Pence, and stooge Mike Pompeo. Enter William Barr to try to cover everything up. Every one of these criminals needs to be in jail. Not only was this NOT their money to withhold, but the purpose for which it was being withheld was criminal. In light of this release, is the Senate still planning to let Trump go scot free? They will do so at their own peril. As Esquire said, “the President is guilty as hell.”

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