We told you something wasn’t right with the Trump DOJ’s investigation into Richard Burr

Based on what’s already publicly known, it’s clear that Republican Senator Richard Burr committed some form of insider trading when he dumped his personal stock portfolio based on what he learned about the coronavirus crisis in a classified briefing. The FBI/DOJ investigation into Richard Burr, which saw his cellphone seized earlier this month, is well warranted.

But Richard Burr wasn’t the only GOP Senator who did this, and yet he appears to be the only one who’s being seriously targeted. This has all been a bit too convenient for Donald Trump, considering it’s already resulted in Burr losing his position as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, just before the committee was set to release a report which would have helped confirm that Russia rigged the 2016 election in Trump’s favor. Now the whole thing is even more suspicious.

Now it turns out Bill Barr’s Department of Justice is making a point of handling the insider trading probe in-house, according to a new Politico expose. This is a big deal because the cases were supposed to have gone to the DOJ branch at the SDNY, which has jurisdiction because that’s where Wall Street is.

There is only one reason for Bill Barr to keep this insider trading investigation in-house: he wants to make sure the outcome fits his agenda, and the agenda of Donald Trump. Bill Barr has incompetently bungled a number of things, from the McCabe case to the Roger Stone case to the Michael Flynn case. Barr isn’t nearly as skilled at these antics as people think he is. But it appears that, for now at least, Barr is successfully twisting the Burr case to suit his needs.

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