Well we’re in it now

The onslaught has arrived. We’ve seen Mitch McConnell allow the Senate to take a three day vacation even while the coronavirus is taking off in the US. We’ve seen a sickly and confused Trump giving an Oval Office address that made the stock market tumble the country into a recession. We’ve seen the “But Ma 401K” crowd lose every gain they made under Trump, and whether they know it yet, it will only get worse.

Republicans built their platform on money, first, and small government, second. We’re now going to see how vital government is. We’re also going to see how much money is worth when your lungs are drowning and there are not enough ventilators to go around.

Trump has predictably botched the coronavirus response and it will cost lives. But there are some silver linings. McConnell’s poll numbers are in the tank. William Barr and his corrupt Department of Justice cannot function without McConnell taking it for the team. With McConnell gone and a new administration, Barr will be going to prison and he knows this. He’s terrified.

And while this is all hitting them, Joe Biden is becoming the president we need without even being elected yet.
Trump and Pence have both been exposed to the coronavirus and we’re closer to getting Pelosi as our President than we were even a week ago. Do we think Trump will die? Unlikely, simply for the reason that evil never dies. It goes on eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and snorting Adderall forever. But a positive diagnosis could knock him out of the Presidency. He could become so fearful that he resigns and flees to Moscow. Pence will probably be right behind him.

Today people are rumormongering the fear that Trump will enact marshal law and cancel the election. Don’t worry. It’s not our Reichstag moment wherein Hitler canceled Germany’s elections. The country isn’t as broken as Germany was in the 30s. Additionally, while we’ve got a long and most likely tragic road ahead of us, we’re starting to see how dangerous a poor leader is. We’ve been railing against Trump for years. But people are now going to feel the terror of no leadership and pay the cost personally. We hate to say this, but perhaps, in the end, it will be good for them, and ultimately, good for the country’s future.

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