“We’ve broken him”

Last week Palmer Report said this: “What makes Trump so dangerous right now is that his life is over and he knows it. Within a short time his presidency will fail, he’ll be in prison, his assets seized, his kids indicted, his name gone from buildings. He’s about to lose everything anyway, so he has nothing to lose.” It turns out we’re not the only ones who are thinking along those lines.

On Monday afternoon, political analyst Zerlina Maxwell appeared on MSNBC and addressed the topic of Donald Trump’s rapidly deteriorating behavior. His rally speeches are becoming even more extreme. He’s becoming more profane. His political moves are becoming more deranged. She says that “We’ve broken him. The presidency has broken him.”

She’s right. The guy is broken. Maxwell went on to explain that this isn’t necessarily a good thing, because even though the guy is falling to pieces in real time, he’s still the President of the United States, and he’s spiraling completely out of control – leaving Americans stuck with the consequences of his increasingly deranged behavior.

So now what? Palmer Report’s view is that House Democrats are continuing to use their impeachment inquiry to expose Donald Trump’s crimes and to drive his poll numbers further downward, in the hope that Senate Republicans will conclude that they have to oust Trump in order to protect their own careers. But right now, the only people who can get rid of Trump are those Republican Senators – and they’re refusing to do their patriotic duty.

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